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"Melodieuze liedjes die altijd wel een subtiele of een brute twist hebben [...]  To The Teeth is een mini album dat smaakt naar meer"
PlatoMania review

 "KOLBAK's To The Teeth proves riveting and exuberantly melodic throughout." - Matt Mineo , Obscure Sound

"4.0 out of 5 : [T]he songwriting is snappy, surprisingly complex and full of hooks. [...] I loved every track and I'm sure you will too! - Dino DiMuro, Pitch Perfect


"[This] album is full of what makes the band so special. [...] Each one of the seven tracks of the album offers a different flavour of what KOLBAK is all about.
An awesome album" - Javier Paredes, Less  Than 1000 Followers

"A pleasant new breeze from the indie rock trio KOLBAK. [...] Wild energy with a dash of nostalgia." -  Sophia Aleksandra, Illustrate Magazine

"To The Teeth is a welcome walk down the memory lane of early pop-punk and indie rock.  [...]  KOLBAK has found a way to bring the musical stylings of the past into the future."
Hope Orr - Music Is To Blame

Um album inteligente e focado, com uma simetria musical belissima.  [...] Um dialogo intenso com o ouvinte, onde cada cancao e um presente especial." - Catiuce Brizola, Roadie Music

"Une energie contagieuse qui se propage avec une facilite deconcertante [...] KOLBAK ne loupe pas cible et marque les esprits."- Bertrand Carter InfoMusic


" KOLBAK impose une musique addictive avec "To The Teeth"

 -  Iggy Magazine


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The Official KOLBAK website logo