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KOLBAK is a melodic indie pop three piece consisting of Harold Pflug (vocals, guitar), Rick Ruhland (bass guitar) and Martin Voigt (drums). Their live set underscores the accolades for their latest EP Twists and Turns: "All in all an fine EP" (MusicMaker Magazine), "3.9 out of 5. Recommended" (Divide and Conquer) and: "an indie pop rock band that defies genres, experimenting with many different styles and sounds" (From The Strait).

KOLBAK is the brainchild of Harold Pflug. The project begins in 2007 after twelve successful years of rocking with his band Redbrick VCR. Harold writes and records songs with two leading principles in mind. The first: limitless experimentation between styles. The second: the ability to perform the songs with or without a band, maintaining flexibility. This successful process results in several demo albums.

In 2012, Harold records an eclectic soundtrack to Patrick Bassant's debut novel Joy. The soundtrack is the first official release for the general public. It is an atypical musical mix between noise, new wave, postpunk and pop/rock. It contains new material as well as cover versions of "Sway" (a Dean Martin classic) and Front 242's "Headhunter". "Headhunter" is accompanied by a disturbing music video, directed by Zero Landscape.

After a short break, Harold returns full force with the EP Sea. Music blog divdeandconquermusic.com gives the EP a 3.6 out of 5 rating, saying: "[T]he songwriting is solid along with the production and delivery. I'd like to hear some more of his work under the KOLBAK moniker and hope it doesn't take four years to see the light of day", (27 December 2016). KOLBAK released the EP on streaming sites (Bandcamp and Spotify, a.o.) in September 2016. The EP marks a musical return to the melodic pop/rock sound akin to his Redbrick VCR days. It also created a strong need to play with a steady band.

As of 2017, KOLBAK tours as a three-piece band. On September 11th 2019, KOLBAK released an EP entitled Twists and Turns (with Dennis Aaij on drums). As Harold puts it: "It will be an album filled with demagogues, loners, activists, and hopefuls, all fighting for a spot. Who will win?" Music blog Divide and Conquer said "3.9 out of 5. Recommended". Music Maker Magazine added: "All in all a fine EP". They followed suit with a tour, but the tour was cut down due to the COVID epidemic.

What the press has to say about KOLBAK and Harold:

From The Strait, Kris Goetz (29-10-2019): "KOLBAK is an indie pop rock band that defies genres, experimenting with many different styles and sounds."

Divide and Conquer, Matt Jensen (26-09-2019): "3.9 out of 5. [...]The band is back with Twists and Turns which to my ears is the most realized release from KOLBAK. [...] The band's sound is bigger than ever with this release. [...] The band has grown since their first release and has established a more firm foundation which displays different aspects of their sound. Recommended."

MusicMaker Magazine, Bertine Markvoort (#369, October 2019) "Indie songs with a start and finish [...] The new EP consists of five enjoyable songs [...] and have an entailing build-up. [...] All in all a fine EP".

Jan Voo, Popprijs van Amstelland (2018): "Fun to look at and to listen to. The songs are well crafted and have a slight R.E.M feel to them."

Grote Prijs van de Bollenstreek (2017) "The seasoned gentlemen of indie pop collective KOLBAK [...] engross themselves in their performance. The singer manages to captivate the audience with his enthousiasm and quirky mannerisms. A fine band with good melodic pop rock songs "

Punx.nl: (June 2010) "Postpunk with very good vocals..."

Asice.net (May 2010): "I liked the vocals quite a lot, the pop punk/post-punk songs all sounded solid and the performances were spotless."

Rockminded.com (11 March 2005): "singer and guitarist Harold Pflug as eycatching jumping and spastically moving singer."

OOR (4 May 2002, nr 9): "pleasant, boyish voice"

Fret (June 2002). "Harold Pflug's voice is pleasant and honest."

LiveXS (March 2002): "Decicive is singer/acoustic guitar player Harold Pflug. With his inspiring vocals he has the knack for moving the audience and at the same time maintain the suspence."

Amstelveens Nieuwsblad (January 2002):  "The conviction of listening to something special permanently settles when singer Harold Pflug straps on his acoustic guitar and delivers his message to world more sustained. Through Pflugs fascinating voice and the backing vocals by the other memebers the band almost sounds Irish."

The Official KOLBAK website logo
The Official KOLBAK website logo